Six Tips for Happy Sourdough

01 The acid in sourdough can react with metal over time so make sure to use a wooden spoon and ceramic or glass bowls and pans.

02Store your sourdough starter in the refrigerator in a ceramic or glass container with a loose lid - otherwise, the buildup of gases might cause the container to explode! A ceramic crock is best because it does not let light in.

03Sourdough doesn't like the chlorine in some tap water, so if you want your dough to rise to its full potential, use filtered water, well water or spring water.

04Not too hot! When mixing your starter with warm water, test the water on your wrist (just like a baby's bottle).

05To keep your sourdough from going bad, use it or feed it weekly and always make sure your hand and equipment are clean.

06If you want to make a sourdough recipes in the morning or early afternoon, prepare your starter the previous night. If you want to want to make the recipe in the evening, prepare your starter in the early morning of the same day.